Women's Day special: Delhi girls say clothes are a non-issue, late nights scare them

On International Women's Day, Delhi girls talk about women's safety, timings girls should return home and more

Women’s safety has been a cause of concern for for long. Government’s across the globe have taken stringent measures to counter crime against women. From life imprisonment to death penalty, governments across the globe have implemented various degrees of punishments to ensure women’s safety and punish the offenders. Ahead of the International Women’s Day, we hit the streets to find out how safe women feel and how factors like clothes, timing and alcohol consumption affect their safety.

While most women said that they feel safe living in Delhi NCR, men opined that women were not safe in the region. Men’s perspective coupled with the increasing crime rate against women remained the most common reason behind this notion.

Talking about the type of clothes women should wear, both men and women agreed that women should be allowed to wear whatever clothes that they wish to wear. However, some girls cautioned that girls should keep in mind the place that they are at. When we asked the kind of food that women should eat in order to safe (remember a great man once said that women shouldn’t eat fast food to avoid unwanted incidents), both men and women responded that the statement was totally absurd!

On being questioned about the connection between alcohol consumption and women’s safety, the perspective that was reflected across gender was that while too much of alcohol consumption was bad for both men and women, it was men who created issues after consuming alcohol.

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Timing however remained the focal point of discussion. Delhi girls felt unsafe going out after dark and preferred to return home around 8 in the evening. This perspective was also reiterated by men, who belived that women should not go out after dark.

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