This Kerala Beggar Donated Rs 94 To CM's Flood Relief Fund

He gave Mohanan Rs 20 but he wasn't there for any money, instead, he started counting some coins and gave them to Rasheed.

Irrespective of caste, nationality, and age, people have supported Kerala in its bad times. Not just defence forces, NDRF, celebs, and politicians, it was also the common citizens, including kids who came out in support.

Even now when the red alert has been lifted and rescue operations are over, people are supporting Kerala in rebuilding. Among all the support coming from all around the world, one person, Mohanan, who is a resident of Poonjar in the Kottayam district of Kerala has done something really heartwarming. He begs for a living. A few days back, he walked for more than 4 kilometres to meet the former municipal chairman of Erattupetta town, TM Rasheed.

Rasheed met him and at first glance, he thought that the man in ragged clothes has come to ask for some money. When Rasheed handed him Rs 20, Mohanan refused. He instead took out some coins and gave it to Rasheed after counting. Mohanan, a former mahout, then requested him to donate the amount to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund on his behalf, as per his Facebook post.


“These coins. They came in search of my house to find their place in the CM’s relief fund. This former mahout counted them and left Rs 94 with before leaving,” wrote TM Rasheed in his Facebook post.

As requested, Rasheed helped Mohanan and contributed his share to the Kerala CM’s flood relief fund.

In an interview with Manorama News, Rasheed said,

“Holding the coins in my hand, I couldn’t help but marvel at how big his heart was.”

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