This Former MP Earns His Living By Rolling 'Beedis'

Despite having suffered a partial paralytic attack, Ram Singh Ahirwar still uses a bicycle to commute

A recent Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) report states that at least 83% of the 521 sitting MPs are ‘crorepatis’ and 33% of them have criminal cases against them. In stark contrast, a former MP is setting an example with his simplistic lifestyle.

Ram Singh Ahirwar, who was elected as a Member of Parliament from Sagar Lok Sabha constituency in Madhya Pradesh in 1967, rolls ‘beedis’ to earn a living.

Ahirwar told ANI,

“Simplicity looks good. I got a ticket when I used to make ‘beedi’ and was studying in the University.”

Aged 82, Ahirwar lives in Sagar city’s Pukhyau Tori area and is popularly known as “cycle wale netaji”. Despite having suffered a partial paralytic attack, he still uses his bicycle for commuting.

He told IANS,

“I never felt the need for a motor vehicle nor did I try to own one. I have no regrets.”

A graduate in philosophy and post-graduate in English literature, he says his inspiration to live a simplistic life comes from reading Osho’s books and the Bhagavad Gita. Ahirwar won the 1967 Lok Sabha election on a Bharatiya Jana Sangh ticket from the constituency and fought for years to get his pension.