Hindu chants, swastika on wedding card by a Muslim family in Uttar Pradesh

Before the culture of invitation cards, they used to invite through handwritten letters carrying 'Haldi' as a Hindu mark

Amid raging tensions due to triple talaq and intolerance among the people, a Muslim family from a village of Ballia district has set a mesmerising example through what they did. The head of this family got printed a set of wedding invitations which carried Hindu religious markings. These invitations had all those religious words printed which are usually present in a Hindu marriage invitation cards. The content mentioned on the card included ‘Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu Mangalam Garuda Dhwaja, Managalam Pundarikaksha Mangalaye Tano Hari, Swastik, Kalash and ‘Shri Ganeshaya Namaha’.

Nasrullah from Pindari village in Ballia got these special cards to invite his Hindu friends at his younger brother Serazuddin’s wedding. The card also carried the names of the bride and groom on it. According to some media reports, he stated that he did this for his Hindu friends. He said,”Is mein galat kya hai? Ye maine apne Hindu mitron ki suvidhaon ke lioye kiya hai. Yahan hum sabhi log, shaadi ya tyohar mil-jul kar manate hai(What’s wrong in this? I did this just for the convenience for my Hindu friends. Here in this village, we celebrate every occasion altogether.)

“We are ordinary people and just understand the language of love, affection, and brotherhood. Prior to the custom of printed cards, we invited people through handwritten letters carrying ‘haldi’ as Hindu mark,” he added.He also mentioned that

He also mentioned that few cards have also been printed following the Muslim tradition. But mostly the cards based on Hindu tradition have been given to the friends and relatives and his family members have no issues with that.

Ballia’s Pindari is a Hindu-dominated village while there live just seven Muslim families. Nasrullah’s family is one of those.