Everyone's fallen in love with Coke's new LGBT-inclusive ad. Seen it yet?

The ad is a part of Coke's 'Taste the Feeling' campaign, which is aiming to showcase simple stories with minimum dialogues

Coca-Cola is back with its new advertisement and this time the theme chosen by them is such that we all can relate to: Sibling Rivalry.

The new ad that is doing the rounds on social media is titled ‘Pool Boy’ and the minute long commercial starts with a good-looking boy cleaning the pool on a hot summer day and both brother and sister sitting inside the house looking at their crush- pool boy.

Then starts the race between siblings to give ‘pool boy’ a bottle of Coke. To reach their ‘crush’ first, both try to stop each other, trip over each other. But, by the time they reach to him, they find pool boy drinking Coca-Cola and his mommy dearest standing next to him helping him with the sandwiches. Oh no!

The ad is a part of  Coke’s ‘Taste the Feeling’ campaign, which is aiming to showcase simple stories with minimum dialogues. This ad focuses on inclusion of LGBT community, which indeed is commendable.

Spokeswoman Kate Hartman told Huff Post that the advert was simply intended as a “human story where Coca-Cola plays a key role in the development of the drama.”

“The story also includes a wink that touches on our point of view regarding diversity and inclusion,” she said. “We are managing culturally relevant messages organically within our spots, not as the main subject of the story, but as subtext”

“We strive for diversity, inclusion and equality in our business,” she said, “and support these rights in society through our work.” she added.