Bravo! This Delhi cop returns man's wallet with 50k in it. We need more such policemen in India

Amid reports of cops being corrupt, this particular story of a cop returning a wallet with huge amount of money to owner proves not all cops are corrupt.

While we keep hearing reports of policemen being corrupt across the country, this particular story will restore your faith in the police officials in the national capital.

Meet Madan Singh. This sub-inspector from Delhi helped a man get his wallet with a cash amount of Rs 50,000 in foreign currency. Jagpreet Singh recently took to Facebook to share this story depicting the honesty of some of the police officials in the system.

In a Facebook post, he wrote how he panicked after he realised that he had lost his wallet with Rs 50,000 in it. “I dropped my wallet with Cash worth Rs .50000 near Nizammudin Khata on January 7 at around 9.30 a.m while pushing my car which broke down in the middle of the road,” he said in a post.

He further said that he could not find his wallet despite looking for it at various places.

Just when he was about to give up hope on finding his wallet, he received a call from Madan Singh saying that he had found his wallet from a cycle-borne man who had picked his wallet and was attempting to flee with it. Mr Singh wasted no time and caught hold of him as soon as he sensed something fishy. Thereafter, he found Jagpreet’s number from his wallet on his visiting card and informed him that he had found his wallet.

Delighted and relieved at the news, Jagreet rushed to the spot to receive his wallet. He found all his belongings including his debit and credit cards. And of course, the cash amounting to Rs 50,000.

In his post, Jagpreet mentioned giving him some money as gratitude but the honest cop refused to accept it.

“I salute him for his honesty and respect this Delhi traffic police Sub-inspector. I tried to reward him too but he politely refused to accept reward and identified my identity and handed over my wallet to me,” he said.

You can read the entire post here:

Yes, good cops do exist!