Virat Kohli urges people to adopt service dogs. Here's why you should listen

Virat Kohli has appealed to people adopt service dogs who spent their lives serving the country and affirmed that it was your turn pay them back

Apart from being an ace cricketer and being unabashedly opinionated, Indian skipper Virat Kohli is an extremely generous and a thoughtful human being. Time and again, Virat Kohli has expressed his love for dogs. He also own a Beagle named Bruno and keeps uploading his pictures and videos.

Kohli who is an ardent pet lover has urged everyone to bring home a military dog. Now, military dogs are not just any rescue dogs but are dogs that are trained to serve the country from two months that they are born. For 8-10 years of their lifetime, the service dogs work with the army personnel in their rescue operations, detect bomb explosives, help the security personnel find the miscreants etc. Ever wondered what happens to them once they are not fit to serve the country because they are too old?

Earlier, they used to be euthanised. However, the practice has now been banned now. Not many want to adopt these dogs for strange reasons that include fear of not being able to give extra attention and medical aid considering their age. But do the dogs that have risked their lives by participating in rescue operations and have guarded the border along with our soldiers don’t deserve a healthy loving life after they retire? Yes, they do. Hence, “The Voice of Stray dogs” (VOSD) a privately run NGO are making efforts to give these heroes the life that they deserve. They are now aiming to provide shelter to 100 “Patriot Dogs”.

They are trying to raise money so that provide medical care and other facilities that will help give them a better life to these patriot dogs. And Virat Kohli is going all supporting them.

Common people, help VOSD give the dogs that have served your country all their lives to get a life they deserve. For more information on the project click here.