Today In Aww So Cute: 11-Year-Old Kolkata Boy Rescues Turtle

The world seems to be a better place when you see people caring for animals. And when it is a kid saving a turtle, your faith in humanity is restored.

Last week, an 11-year-old boy named Asmit Biswas was with his father when he saw a turtle at a roadside shop at the Chanpatala market near Howrah’s Sankrail. Asmit saw the trader selling turtle and he instantly bought it and handed it over to the forest department, reported Telegraph India.

As per the report, Asmit Biswas rescued an Indian Flapshell Turtle, which is a Schedule I animal protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. Hunting, killing, or selling a Schedule I animal is illegal.

“I asked Driver Uncle to stop. I got off with my father and told the shopkeeper that he should not be selling turtles,” the boy told to the forest department’s Wild Animal Rescue as per the Telegraph India report.

He further recounted that the trader told Asmit to mind his own business and asked if he wants to buy the turtle. It was then Asmit asked his father and he agreed. He further said, “I knew if I did not buy the turtle, someone else would and kill it for its meat.”

The trader asked for Rs 1,000 for the 2-kg turtle but later agreed for Rs 700.

On returning home, Asmit kept the turtle in a bucket, poured some water in it and fed it shells and rice. His father called up an NGO, SHER that works for nature and wildlife, and told them about the rescue. 5 days after the rescue, the turtle was handed over to the forest department.