This woman responds to 'when are you having a baby' question in most pawwdorable way

This woman was popped the "When are you having a baby" question for a long time. She shut them up in the cutest way possible.

The society basically has no chill. They want to know everything that does not concern them. First, they pester you with the question of when are you going to get married and once you do they want to know when are you having a baby.

It’s almost as if parents, nosy aunties, in-laws and the other not-so-hidden social forces want to guide your decision and are ready with the question of when are you really having a baby once you get married. Nobody comes up with the discussion or even bother to the ask the couple whether they really want to have kids or not.

No matter how successful you are in your job. No matter how happy you are in your marriage. It all boils down to when are you popping a baby out. According to the society, you are never really “settled” till you pop one.

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Similarly, this couple married for three years were hounded with the dreadful question of “When are you really having a baby?”. And she had the most adorable and epic response to shut them up.

Woman with dog (Photo: Imgur)

Woman with dog (Photo: Imgur)

She captioned the picture saying, ” My husband and I have been married 3 years and everyone is bugging us about having a baby. Close enough right?”

Of course, it is close enough! I mean why not? This little fur ball completely qualifies to be their little bundle of joy. Also, the little munchkin is called Leelu. Little Leelu could easily be a simpler pick than diaper change and temper tantrums.

Soon after the woman responded on Imgur, several people responded hailing the decision and how delightful and lovable this child was.


Imgur responses (Photo: Imgur)

We CANNOT agree more.