Thailand: 'Piggy bank' Turtle swallows 915 coins thrown by tourists in her pond, dies

Sea turtle who swallowed 915 coins thrown by touristsfor "good luck" in her pond died after undergoing a surgery in Thailand

A 25-year-old sea turtle fondly known as Om Sin aka Piggy Bank died following a surgery after it swallowed 915 coins thrown into it pond by tourists seeking good luck.

The turtle was in an extremely critical condition after she underwent the surgery. The doctor, Nantarika Chansue treating her took to Facebook to announce that the turtle was in ICU and in a “very serious” condition.

The Veterinarian further affirmed that the turtle was not responding since she went through the surgery. Om Sin was apparently recovering after the doctors extracted the coins that weighed over 5 Kgs from its stomach.

“Yesterday we did an emergency operation on Bank due to the complication from intestinal volvulus and strangulation. It might be from the adjustment of the GI tract in more empty space post operation,”  Nantarika Chansue wrote in a Facebook post. It was reported that once, Om Sin recovers, she was set to be sent tobe released in Royal Thai Navy’s Sea Turtle Conservation Centre in Sattahip district of Chon Buri. The doctor had also urged everyone to pray for Om Sim’s recovery.

Om Sin used to live in a pond on Koh Loy in Sri Racha district before being brought to the doctors by staff of the Air and Coastal Defence Command from Si Racha district. Koh Loy is known for tourists from across the world flooding to the spot and throwing coins with a hope of their wishes come true. They also recovered a fish hook stuck in the turtle’s stomach. A number of people even donated for the turtle’s surgery.