Odisha: Elephant limps around with a tyre, officials wait for full moon night to help him

A tusker has managed to get a scooter tyre stuck to its front leg. The forest officials are making efforts to spot the elephant and help him

The forest officials in Odisha are reportedly looking for a 13-year-old elephant who apparently has managed to get an unused scooter tyre stuck it’s foot. The officials in Chandaka-Dompada wildlife sanctuary are patiently waiting for the elephant to make its appearance so they could help remove the tyre stuck its front leg that could be causing discomfort while inflicting pain to the huge animal.

The officials have been trying to help the animals for more than a month now but have failed to spot it. According to an Indian Express report, the officials asserted that even the elephant has been trying hard to get the tyre out of his leg and have also been separated from his herd in the process.

It was in the month of January that the forest officials managed to come close to elephant and even made an attempt to control it with a help of tranquiliser dart but were unsuccessful after the animal attacked them causing injuries to one of them.

“As the inner side of the tyre has a metal wire, it must be scraping against its flesh, causing wounds. It is a huge discomfort for the tusker in performing its daily chores,” former honorary wildlife warden of the Puri wildlife division Gauhar Abedin told the daily.

Odisha Chief Wildlife Warden Siddhant Das asserted that once they managed to tranquilise it, they won’t take a long time to remove the tyre that has been stuck on his leg for a long time. He added saying that the elephant was seen limping indicating that he was injured.

Meanwhile, the officials are still waiting for a full moon night to spot the tusker.