Here's why Natherlands is a heaven for dogs

Microchipping is must in Netherlands before a puppy goes to its family.

Netherlands, one of the most animal friendly countries in the world has created history by becoming the only country to have no street dogs. How did they achieve it? A video report by the New York Post succinctly sums up the answer.  For starters the country follows a rigorous steralisation and neutering drive for dogs.

Apart from this the government encourages adoption of street dogs by imposing heavier taxes on pure breed.  People of Natherlands, have also contributed in helping their country achieve this feat by bringing home street dogs. Further, the government makes sure that all dogs are accounted after adoption. Microchipping of dogs is mandatory. This makes tracking a lost dog easy for the dog owner.

The country also has tough laws for animal abusers. Unlike in India where abuse of animals is treated as a minor crime which only invites a fine of few hundred buck, offenders in Natherlands can land up in jail.