Humans Gift Bengaluru's Dogs A Park Just For Them To Play & Do Woof-Woof!

'No dogs without people and no people without dogs'

Bengaluru is set to dedicate the city’s first park exclusively for dogs — and all with the help of their humans. Created by dog owners, the Dolmur park features activity areas, a kennel as well as a poop pit — all created from the money pooled in by the residents. It is set to open throughout the year 24×7. The only rule of the park is ‘no dog without people and no people without dogs’. But entry is also restricted for dogs which are aggressive and those not fully vaccinated.

Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) Special Commissioner D Randeep told The Hindu,

“We already have exclusive parks for senior citizens and children. Since the dog park already exists, it is only a matter of formalising it. We can even see if this can be replicated in other parts of the city.”

dolmur park


According to the local councillor, the park will additionally be fenced, beautified, and provided with all the amenities such as jumping tracks for dogs.

Inaugurated in September 2017, the park was made on an 8,000 sq ft garbage dump that belonged to BBMP. Then a citizen volunteer group known as Ugly Indians along with a few local residents approached the authorities to seek permission to beautify the park.

V K Elango, an animal rights activist, told Bangalore Mirror,

“We have not appointed anyone to clean the park. Dog owners clean poop and drop it in drop pit. We remove dry leaves from the park once a month.”

BBMP is also considering fitting microchips on stray dogs and give them anti-rabies serum with the help of NGOs.