Chocolate Labrador goes on a farting spree, leaves owners stunned

Who let the dog out!

Dogs are a man’s best friend and can be a great source of company. From wagging their tails when you get home to licking your face to show that they care about you to sniffing strangers to keep trouble at bay, dogs are all the company that you could ask for. Not only are these cute little creatures your daily dose of stress buster (don’t tell me that you don’t play with your pet after a tiring day, especially when they look at you with those puppy dog eyes), but they can be a great source of entertainment too!

Billy Howard was enjoying his day when he heard a loud noise in his living room. Reason? His 14-year-old dog was farting loudly with a guilty look on his face (aww)!

Owned by Massachusetts, USA-based Billy and Charlie Howard, the chocolate Labrador went on a farting spree leaving his owners in splits (you don’t see that happening every day, do you?).

The pooch was caught passing the wind at various locations in the house by his owner Billy, who uploaded it on the Twitter. Billy can be heard laughing in the background as the old dog makes squeaky farting noise that varies across a range of octaves.

In the background of the funny clip, people can be heard asking, “What are you feeding him?”

“Dude he stinks,” the other person replies.

The funny 45-second video was also uploaded on the Facebook, where it has garnered a massive 3.2 million views so far.