Abducted and found: The 100-km journey of this Bengaluru dog

The pup was reunited with its owner on February 4

We are calling this the ‘Lion’ story of the dog world. Recently, when retired assistant commissioner of police, Krishna YB, lost his pet rottweiler ‘Babloo’ in south Bengaluru, little did he know that he has set in motion an amazing chain of events that will reinstate his faith in humanity.

Here’s what happened
Four-and-a-half-year-old Babloo went missing from Krishna YB’s home in Girinagar Phase II on the night of January 28. The next day, he filed a complaint with the Girinagar police saying that unidentified people had abducted his pet. According to a report by The Times of India, the CCTV footage from a nearby building showed two bike-borne men carrying Babloo away.

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A week later on February 3, Umesh Bhat walked into Doddaballapura police station with Babloo tailing him. When the police asked Bhat if the dog belonged him, he replied that it was a stolen dog and that some unknown people had left it near his house the previous night.

The Doddaballapura police station then alerted the city police about the situation. On receiving the photos of the pup from Doddaballapura Police Station, the Girinagar police showed the images to Krishna who identified the dog. This was followed by an emotional reunion the following day.

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What happened to the kidnappers
The police arrested Ravinder the next day, who during the interrogation, confessed to abducting the dog. Ravinder told the cops that he along with his friend drove Babloo to Doddaballapura where they handed him over to another friend. But he got nervous on seeing the advertisements on TV and decided to abandon him at Bhat’s house.