Aiming for a sustainable future, here's a unique initiative in Rajasthan that is trying to make students more environmentally conscious

This has given rise to a new form of economic development called Sustainable development

The state of environment has worsened globally in last 150 years that saw human civilisation growing by leaps and bounds. We are witnessing climate change, rise in sea levels, extinction of hundreds of species as a consequence of alarming rise in global temperature. This has also led to rise in number of droughts, floods and other natural calamities. With the fast depleting resources, humans are now getting increasingly aware about the looming crisis.

This has given rise to a new form of economic development called Sustainable development that aims to generate energy without depleting natural resources. Green Banao, an online platform based in Jaipur, aims to involve the community in a holistic manner in order to work towards a sustainable future.

Founded by Ayush Maheshwari in April 2016, Green Banao uses social media to spread awareness on how to make this planet greener and a better place to live. The organisation has conducted various webinars and workshop bringing out the latest data and building a knowledge base on the various fields related to sustainability and green energy. The platform’s campaign urging people to replace CFL with LED bulbs met with unexpected success.


The platform also supplies material to people who are interested in pursuing a career in Green building. For examinations related to the sustainability domain like Green Building, Energy Conservation, etc., the platform provides test series of exams conducted by IGBC, GRIHA, BEE and USGBC LEED.  One can also learn a range of topics from how to get a building Green Certified to the software used, from the video tutorials on the website.

The platform has also launched the Green Campaigner programme to educate students about sustainability, its practices, different building codes, rating systems for green building and other energy conservation measures.

It also offers a College Engagement Programme that uses monthly themes and college-specific data to teach students on sustainable actions. Each monthly theme concentrates on different area of resource conservation. Students from universities are given equal opportunity to be a green campaigner.By giving students the tools to lead the campaigns in their region, they not only help them hone their leadership skills but also motivate them to pursue sustainability as a career.