Breeze is back! Catch Paradigm Shift, Kanan Gill & DJ Zaeden live

Gaming has changed over the recent years with the introduction of virtual reality. The colossal publicity has certainly taken the gaming experience to an epic new level. But the annual fest of Shiv Nadar University – Breeze 2016 will be this year’s gamechanger. It is scheduled to take place on 4th, 5th, and 6th of November.

The cool kids of SNU are trying to establish something unique that no one has ever done before. A collaboration with the local video gaming industry will look to bring the Los Santos’s and the Dust 2’s gaming world alive. Since no other video game conventions of this magnitude have ever taken place in India, the experience is expected to be nothing short of magic.

Breeze 2016 will have three headline events – Coke Studio concert featuring crazy fusion band Paradigm Shift on 4th November, a standup comedy show featuring Pretentious Movie Review star Kanan Gill and also VH1 Supersonic EDM night with Indian DJ Zaeden on 6th November. The crowd will definitely go gaga over such events.

Breeze, SNU, Shiv Nadar University, India

Shiv Nadar University presents Breeze 2016, scheduled to take place from 4th till 6th November! (Photo: SNU)

Countless other events are also scheduled to make Breeze 2016 a success. They are spread across three categories: Cultural, Sporting, and Technical. These events are sure to give the audience an adrenaline rush like never before. Cultural events will also include dance, music, drama, fashion, literature with cash prizes upto Rs. 4 lakh up for grabs. Flagship events will include Warfare, Aagaz, Xtreme Rock, Band Competition, Cosplay, Calling for Duty (Munsoc) and FPS quiz. Sports events will consist of tournaments for football, cricket, chess, tennis, badminton, basketball, squash, table tennis, and volleyball with cash prizes upto Rs. 4 lakh waiting for the participants. Technical events will be brain-stimulating and thought-provoking in nature. Thrilling events like Math Club, RoboYantriki, Orion, and SilpKulam, the mechanical society will take you by storm. Workshops such as Speed Cubing, a Hackathon, Deathrace, Spaghetti Bridge, and Demolition Man will only add to the excitement.

Be sure to attend Shiv Nadar University’s Breeze 2016 as it doesn’t get any better than this and also don’t forget to take your friends along!