We Love This Bridal Boutique For Being Inclusive & Representative, And So Do Tweeps

"It would be nice one day for people to double take just because they like the dress"

Almost all bridal boutique shops look the same — a row of mannequins striking a number of poses while displaying a range of wedding gowns. But they all are shown standing upright. A bridal boutique called The White Collection is receiving heaps of praise online for displaying a mannequin seated on a wheelchair.

Owned by Laura Allen and her sister Sarah Parker, The White Collection is situated in Portishead, The United Kingdom.

Allen told Today why and how she went about having the mannequin sitting on the wheelchair.

“For this season we wanted to strip it right back and have a mannequin in each window. Our thoughts of having one of them in a wheelchair was ‘why not?’ And we didn’t really think too much about it.”

However, she was a little ‘saddened’ by knowing that she’s the one of the first boutique owners to display a mannequin sitting on a wheelchair. She now hopes that other shops will follow her example and represent disability. She told the BBC,

“It would be nice one day for people to double take just because they like the dress. It’s an industry that’s well known for not being inclusive, a lot of bridal shops you go past you see the standard skinny mannequin. But everyone gets married, it doesn’t matter what you look like or how you are, your day is going to be special.”

The picture tweeted by artist Beth Wilson went viral, receiving lots of positive response for being inclusive and representative of all people.

And some also shared wedding pictures of their spouse who happen to be disabled.