We don't object to your economic ties with Taiwan: Chinese media asks India to back CPEC project

The project is an economic plan set to connect China and Pakistan and advance Pakistan's economy, the state-run media says

In light of  New Delhi’s objections to the multi-billion dollar CPEC project that runs through Pakistan occupied Kashmir, China’s state run media has urged India to back the project likening it with India’s business links with Taiwan.

“The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) won’t affect the status quo of Kashmir dispute” as China has stated that it should be resolved between India and Pakistan, an article in the state-run Global Times said.

Underlining that India’s economic activities won’t alter China’s sovereignty over the island, the publication said, “Just like the Taiwan question, Beijing doesn’t object any economic links between Taiwan and other countries including India.”

The project is an economic plan set to connect China and Pakistan and advance Pakistan’s economy and improve the lives of its people, the paper said, adding the investment from Chinese firms and their participation in some architectural construction won’t affect the situation of Kashmir either.

“Hence, India should be flexible and pragmatic, and be more open to economic activities in the Kashmir region conducted by Chinese companies,” it said.

“The CPEC, however, will boost the economic development in the region, bringing jobs and improving the quality of life,” the paper said, adding that the project can be extended to Jammu and Kashmir, if India allows, and benefit the Indian people as well as regional stability.

India has registered its protest over the CPEC project as it passes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir. China defends the project, saying it is a development-oriented project aimed at improving lives of the local people and it makes no difference to Beijing’s stand on the Kashmir issue.