Watch: Theresa May's powerful defence of her stand on Trump visit is enough to tell everyone she knows her job very well

Theresa May's 'he can lead a protest. I am leading a country' shows how she knows the power she holds and will not back out from shutting anybody down.

UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May has been facing a lot of flak over her stand against banning Trump from his UK visit. There has been a considerable amount of rebellion among her own MPs especially after Trump announced his immigration policy. Recently Labour party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn took on May for her decision to go ahead with the US President’s state visit and she shut him down with elan.

Corbyn charges Trump with having ‘directly attacked women’s rights’ and ‘Inciting hatred against Muslims and goes on to ask what else May needs to stop the President from visiting. Theresa May takes him on and shows him what power she holds in her less than a minute-long answer. She puts the final nail in the coffin with ‘he could lead a protest, I am leading a country’.

This protest has been further fuelled by fears among the British residents holding dual citizenship and gradually members of May’s Conservative Party too joined hands with those condemning the move. While there is no doubt about how Trump might be a deterrent to women’s rights and a more open refugee policy, there is no denying the fact that he is a democratically elected US President.

May took over the reigns after David Cameron resigned following Brexit and this is for the first time that she has taken a stance this strongly. After the iconic Margaret Thatcher, May is the second woman to have held this position in the United Kingdom and the way she slammed Jeremy Corbyn only goes to show how she is well aware of her power. It is interesting to see how the British PM did not for once bow down to Corbyn’s sharp comments and slammed him in a voice full of confidence and belief in what she said.


Irrespective of whether or not one agrees to her stance to allow Trump’s visit, the fact that she knows the power her position gives her and will not back out of showing anyone their place is commendable. So, the next time one must probably think it over before they take on her the way Corbyn did.