Watch: After Joe Biden, Obama bids Press Secretary Josh Earnest a memorable farewell

The outgoing President had his Press Secretary Josh Earnest pleasantly surprised at the gesture.

Ever since Barack Obama’s term as President has ended there have been several tearful and emotional goodbyes. There was the Obamas’ last day at the White House followed by presenting the Medal of Freedom to close friend and associate Joe Biden. If you think this is where the most popular President’s bromance ends, you are mistaken.

Obama made a surprise appearance at press secretary Josh Earnest’s last press briefing at the White House and social media loved it. Not only did he make an appearance but was full of appreciation for Earnest and spoke fondly of his long association with the man. Calling Earnest a ‘face made for TV’ and appreciating his American good looks, Obama spilled the beans on how this worked brilliantly for him during his Iowa election campaign. Obama even went on to joke about how a name like Josh Earnest wins voters’ trust a lot more easily.

The video got a personal touch when Obama spoke about how he has watched Earnest grow and get married and become a father. Above all Earnest was praised for never ever disappointing and the outgoing President mentioned that though he was tough on the press he never compromised on integrity.

Here’s hoping that later Presidents of the United States will follow in Obama’s footsteps and give their teams a farewell as memorable as this.