Violence, protests mark the beginning of Donald Trump's presidency in US, over 95 detained

The protests began an hour before Donald Trump took the oath but even after the ceremony ended the chaos has refused to die down

Violent scenes are being reported after Donald Trump took over as the President of the United States of America. Several signs of “Resist Trump Climate Justice Now,” ”Let Freedom Ring,” ”Free Palestine” were seen floating near the Capitol Hill where Trump took oath as the President.

Police had to deploy pepper spray and had to make numerous arrests to contain the protests. Police also had to chase a group of nearly 100 protesters who smashed windows of several shops including those of Starbucks, Bank of America and McDonald’s.

Over 500 protesters wearing orange jumpsuits had black hoods over their faces to represent prisoners in US detention at Guantanamo Bay. Criticising Trump, they also denounced capitalism. Over 95 protestors have been detained on charges of rioting.

The protests began an hour before Trump took the oath but even after the ceremony ended the chaos has refused to die down. One said the demonstrators were “bringing in the cavalry.”

Before Inauguration Day, the DisruptJ20 coalition, named after the date of the inauguration, had promised that people participating in its actions in Washington would attempt to shut down the celebrations, risking arrest when necessary.

As Trump celebrates his first day in office, demonstrations have been planned against him for the day. Even on Saturday, a huge Women’s March on Washington had been planned. 1,800 buses have registered to park in the city which could mean nearly 100,000 people coming in just by bus.

It is not the first time that such protests are taking place. On Thursday too, protesters and Trump supporters clashed outside a pro-Trump event in Washington. Police had to resort to using chemical spray on protesters to tame the unruly crowd.