Donald Trump defies all odds and Nostradamus' predictions to win US Elections 2016

By defeating Democratic rival Hillary Clinton and winning the 2016 US Presidential elections, Donald Trump proved Nostramdus' predictions incorrect

The 2016 US Presidential elections where Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump utterly destroyed his rival Hillary Clinton were as concerning as they were shocking. Nobody really expected Donald Trump to win but, he has a bigger feat to his name. Donald Trump has proven Nostradamus wrong. Yep!

Famed oracle Nostradamus was actually a French pharmacist who lived in the 16th century. He had recorded his predictions for the future in his writings. It is said that his predictions date up to the year 7074. Author Mario Reading, who deciphers the predictions of Nostradamus and outlined his interpretation in his book ‘NOSTRADAMUS: The Complete Prophecies for The Future’ said that Clinton would become President of the United States.

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Nostradamus’ prediction seemed very much possible. Most celebrities rooted for Clinton and the outcome of the Presidential debates mostly favoured the Democratic nominee. Even with her controversial email scandal, Clinton was leading the polls most of the time. Donald Trump’s lewd sexist remarks in the 2005 Access Hollywood video significantly hurt his image as a Presidential nominee. What he termed as “locker room banter” was regressive and misogynistic and these aren’t qualities people hoped to see in a man leading a country. It was then that the world turned their eyes to Clinton, a woman, who made full use of the opportunity to explore the feminist agenda.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Second Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the second Presidential debate (Photo: Reuters/Rick Wilking)

It all seemed as if it would work until the Election Day. Donald Trump made a startling comeback and flew right past Clinton in the polls. Bagging the position of President-Elect, Trump proved not only the world wrong but also Nostradamus. But, was it really his prediction that went wrong or could it have been that Reading misinterpreted him?

You see, in another article, Nirdeshini Bagde, read a completely different story in Nostradamus’ notes. They say that it was Trump, who was destined to win after all. There’s a 50% chance of one being right and even after those odds (which, are pretty high, by the way), a “seer” can’t make an accurate prediction then, that’s no seer at all.