"Anything's Possible", Says Visually-Impaired Sailor After Completing Non-Stop Pacific Voyage

In 2013, Mitsuhiro Iwamoto set out sailing from Fukushima Prefecture in Japan, aiming to finish in San Diego, US, but failed to do so after his ship hit a whale and sank. But that failure could not stop this visually-impaired sailor.

Fast forward to 2018, Mitsuhiro calls himself the “happiest person on earth” after he completed a non-stop voyage crossing the Pacific, starting from San Diego and finishing at Fukushima Prefecture. According to the Japan Times, Mitsuhiro became the first visually-impaired sailor to cross Pacific. Doug Smith, an American navigator, assisted him with verbal instructions in the two-month-long journey.

For Mitsuhiro, who was blinded at the age of 16, the voyage is not just meant to be a personal accomplishment.  “We undertake this voyage not only for personal accomplishment, but to send a message that anything is possible when people come together,” Iwamoto wrote on his website.“I didn’t give up and I made a dream come true,” Iwamoto was quoted by Japan’s Kyodo News as saying.

Mitsuhiro completed the voyage in his aptly-named, 42m yacht, ‘Dream Weaver’.