Pakistan Minister Slept In Her Office So Tweeps Did What They Do Best — Troll

'I dreamed a dream in times gone by'

If there is one thing that can bond both Indian and Pakistani politicians, it’s their love for taking *yaaawn* naps at work. In India, its parliamentarians like Rahul Gandhi and Smriti Irani who see it fit to snooze while other parliamentarians speak. In Pakistan, Dr Shireen Mazari was snapped as she apparently took a nap in her office and the photo now has gone viral. Mazari is the Minister of Human Rights under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

Though she shrugged off the criticism, people on social media didn’t hold back and roasted her as well as the government she is a part of:

While others tried to defend the picture by saying that there was nothing wrong to take a power nap

Umm…maybe taking the art of defending a bit too far?

Mazari is only one of three female ministers in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet and is working on eradicating drugs through sports.