Pakistan man forgives 10 Indians convicted for murdering his son in UAE

According to the Islamic law or Sharia Law, the victim's family can file an appeal against the death penalty of the convict if both the parties reconcile

Following an altercation, 10 Indians were convicted for killing a boy from Pakistan in Abu Dhabi in 2015. After almost 2 years of that incident, the father of the victim has decided to pardon the convicts, as learned from several media reports. On the other hand, a UAE court has approved that the father would be paid ‘blood money’. According to the Islamic law or Sharia Law, the victim’s family has the right to file an appeal against the death sentence for the convicts if both the parties reconcile and the victim’s family forgives the convicts.

In Sharia law, ‘blood money’ is like the compensation which will be given to the victim’s family. In UAE, the ‘Blood Money’ for all males living in the country is 200,000 dirham. In this case, the compensation will be given by an India-based businessman SP Singh Oberoi, who heads a charitable trust.

Mohammad Riaz, the father of the departed Pakistani boy Muhammad Farhan, said,”It’s very unfortunate that I lost my son but I’ve decided to pardon all those ten people. I must say, Allah has saved their lives.”

“The lives of the 10 Indians, including a wife and children, depends on 1 person. I also appeal youth to not to get involved in such ruckus,” added Riaz.

SP Singh Oberoi, person who is giving the ‘blood money’ has said that the trust owned by him has asked Riaz to come to UAE and also have arranged a visa and accommodation for him and his family. He said,”We convinced him to forgive those Indians and have submitted the money, 200,000 dirhams as blood money, to the court as well.