Major pollutor India contributes nothing to one-sided Paris climate deal: Donald Trump

Donald Trump said the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is "one-sided"

US President Donald Trump has promised to make a “big decision” on the “one-sided” Paris climate deal soon as he alleged that the US is being unfairly targeted by asking to pay money while major polluting nations like Russia, China, and India are contributing nothing.

In a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania, a state that helped tip the election in his favor, Trump said the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is “one-sided.”

“I will be making a big decision on the Paris accord over the next two weeks and we will see what happens,” he said in his speech to mark the first 100 days of his presidency.

“…like the one-sided Paris climate accord. Where the US pays billions of dollars (for the Paris Climate Accord) while China, Russia, and India have contributed (to pollution) and will contribute nothing,” Trump alleged as the audience booed to the Paris Agreement.

The Paris climate deal within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was signed in 2015 by 194 countries and ratified by 143. It aims to hold the increase in average global temperature to below 2 degrees above pre-industrial level by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump claimed that it is estimated that for compliance with the agreement could ultimately shrink America’s GDP by USD 2.5 trillion over a 10-year period.

“That means factories and plants closing all over our country,” he said and alleged that the Washington’s “dishonest media” would not report because it is part of the problem.

“Their priorities are not my priorities, and they are not your priorities, believe me,” he said.

“They are all part of a broken system that has profited from this global theft and plunder of American wealth at the expense of the American worker. We are not going to let other countries take advantage of us anymore because, from now on, it is going to be America first,” Trump said.

Trump said his administration has made historic progress in the first 100 days.

“We are keeping one promise after another and frankly the people are really happy about it, they see what’s happening. To understand the historic progress we’ve made, we must speak honestly about the situation that we, and I, inherited. The previous administration gave us a mess,” he added.

The US President promised to build a wall along the Mexican border.

“If the Democrats knew what the hell they were doing, they would approve it. Obviously, they don’t mind the illegals pouring in, the drugs pouring in. They don’t mind,” he said.

Referring to the significance of China in resolving the North Korean issue, Trump said it is not the right time to declare China a currency manipulator. “I don’t think right now is the best time to call China a currency manipulator,” he said.