Indian-American Shiva Ayyadurai to challenge powerful Democratic Senator in US Senate race

He has four MIT degrees and is currently the Chairman & CEO of CytoSolve

Prominent Boston-based Indian-American entrepreneur, VA Shiva Ayyadurai will challenge powerful Democratic Senator and liberal icon Elizabeth Warren in the Senate race next year from the US state of Massachusetts.

An alumni of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Ayyadurai, who claims to have invented the email, formally announced his Senate bid last month against Warren to “defend the American dream.”

He would be challenging incumbent Senator Warren. Describing himself as the real fighter, real innovator and all-American India, he said: “On my 7th birthday, in 1970, I left India and came to America: to this land of incredible

“As a kid, I learned from my parents, teachers, coaches, and friends that what mattered most was Truth — to uncover it, share it and fight for it. That core value is the foundation of the America Dream. And my life has been about fighting for Truth, at every step,” Ayyadurai said.

He is currently the Chairman & CEO of CytoSolve. He has four MIT degrees and is a contributor to BreitBart news, a
far-right American news, opinion and commentary website.

However given that it is a string Democratic state, political pundits are giving him no chance of winning the race
against Warren, who is a popular Senator from Massachusetts.

Ayyadurai was born in Mumbai before he moved to the US with his parents. He claims to have invented email. According to him, he wrote a electronic mail software as a New Jersey high school student in 1970s.

He called this software email. In 2009 he was hired by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research to create a CSIR Tech to establish businesses using the research conducted by country’s many publicly owned laboratories. However the job offer was withdrawn.