How Pakistani Fishermen Are Saving Thousands Of Stray Dogs Living On An Island

No one knows how the dogs reached the island or how they manage to survive

Pakistani fishermen sailing across the coast of Karachi have an unusual task at their hands. Their small dinghies laden with drinking water cans and food mark yet another day of survival for thousands of dogs living on the city’s islands.

According to an AFP report, 35,000 dogs are estimated to be living on the port city’s islands.

But how did the dogs reach here?

Nobody knows. And there are multiple theories. While some believe foreigners left them on the island. Others believe animal lovers dumped them there to avoid mass culling.

Culling of stray dogs is not uncommon in Pakistan as prejudice against dogs runs deep in the country. The country also lacks an effective plan to control the population of dogs. The only way for the survival of strays is to wait anxiously for fishermen boats.

What happens when the boats don’t turn up?

The animals are learnt to turn on each other for survival. Unfortunately, the island has escaped the notice of authorities. While many believe the government’s lack of interest is deliberate, fishermen who rely on the sea for livelihood try their best to ensure that the dogs survive.

However, there are concerns over the long-term solution of the problem. Till then, the fishermen say, they’ll continue to feed the canines.