Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg will finally get a degree; Guess who's helping him with the speech

What happens when two Harvard drop-outs chat? Find out in the video above

Years after dropping out from the Harvard University, Facebook founder, philanthropist and boy wonder Mark Zuckerberg is going back to his alma mater (well, what can almost be described one). And guess what, this time he is even going to get a degree without attending any classes (every student’s dream come true!).

Zuckerberg is returning to Harvard to present a speech at the 366th commencement of the university program, which is scheduled to take place om May 25, 2017. Ahead of the big day that would witness the Harvard alumni returning home after 12 years, Zuckerberg met another Harvard drop-out (any guesses?) to share the big news.

Zuckerberg met Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates and shared the news with him and what happened next is a conversation that you wouldn’t want to miss at all. Zuckerberg shared the news and sought some tips to handle the event like a pro. For those of you who don’t know, Gates returned to Harvard 32 years after dropping out from the university in 2007 to present a commencement speech. Incidentally, Zuckerberg was present at the event when Gates delivered his speech as it’s the same year when his then-girlfriend (and now wife) Priscilla Chan graduated from Harvard with a degree in biology.

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In the video that Harvard shared on its Facebook page, Gates shares his experience saying, “It was a lot of fun you know, 30 years later than I was supposed to, but I enjoyed it.” Responding to his statement, Zuckerberg then jokes if the university knew that they didn’t actually graduate! As their conversation proceeds (which BTW will leave you in splits), the Facebook founder seeks Gates advice on what he should say at the event, who readily agrees to help him.

If you haven’t watched the video, check it out above!