Comedian Who Played A Politician On TV Becomes Ukraine's New President

Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian who used to play a president on TV is now set to become the next president of Ukraine.

The Central Election Commission said Zelenskiy won by 73 per cent, while incumbent President Petro Poroshenko could manage just 24 per cent, with more than 96 percent of the ballots counted.

In the wildly popular show ‘Servant of the People’, Zelensky played the role of an honest president who outwits crooked lawmakers and shadowy businessmen. The 41-year-old comedian, actor and producer has named his party after the name of his hit TV show.

His sudden rise is said to a reflection of the country’s frustration with Ukraine’s political class which has failed to tackle a sickly economy and a five-year war with separatists. He has promised to end the war in eastern Ukraine and fight corruption within the government.