Christchurch Terror Attack: Sikh Community Goes The Extra Mile To Help Those Affected

The Sikh community in New Zealand has taken the lead in rehabilitation as usual

As New Zealand is mourning the death of 49 people in one of the most horrific terrorist attacks in recent times, good samaritans are going above and beyond to stand in solidarity with the victims of the attack.

The Sikh community in New Zealand has taken the lead in rehabilitation as usual and is doing all to ensure help to the families of the victims. Guru Nanak Free Kitchen in Auckland, an NGO involved in various human services appealed to their fellow community members to help those in distress, has been up and centre in responding to pleas for help.

The NGO has been urging volunteers to come forward to help the Muslim community in Christchurch and help authorities in transportation of families and bodies of the victims who didn’t make it to the cemetery, digging graves and organise langar (free food) for those attending funerals.

Sikhs reportedly came out in large number to help fellow citizens deal with the situation and offer hands on help. Later,the group thanked outpouring support they received and said that “Our various communities and groups truly embody the compassion and love that will need to prevail to heal the wounds of yesterday’s attacks.”

The NGO’s humanitarian gesture by the NGO received huge support and appreciation on Facebook as well.



At least 49 people were killed and 48 wounded in mass shootings at at Linwood Mosque and Al Noor Mosque which were full of worshippers attending Friday prayers, when they were attacked by a man whose released ‘manifesto’ identifies him as a white supremacist.