Caught on camera: Manchester man bites police dog while trying to evade arrest

A wanted man clamped his teeth into a police dog's ear and head before he was finally arrested by the police officer in UK's Manchester

When a dog bites a man that’s not a news but if a man bites a dog, it certainly makes for one. In a bizarre incident, a wanted man clamped his teeth into a police dog’s ear and head before he was finally arrested by the police officer in UK’s Manchester.

Police unleashed Theo, the German Shepherd police dog, on a suspected violent offender refused to surrender despite a lengthy police chase in East Manchester’s Hyde.

However after a while, Theo caught up with him and brought him to the ground where a witness filmed the incident.

Theo’s handler constable Gareth Greaves could be seen grabbing the suspect in an attempt to arrest him. However, the offender remainded defaint and continued to resist. The tussle lasted for nearly seven minutes during which both he and Theo were kicked to the floor.

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Another man, who is believed to have known the offender, can be heard directing the man to lash out at the dog as PC Greaves yells at him to leave.

“Bite his ear off! Bite his head!” he shouts – and that the man followed his instruction, hitting out at the canine before sinking his teeth against the six year old dog’s scalp, creating a gash on his head. After seven minutes scuffle, he man was finally apprehended

However, he had already caused Theo great pain that meant he found it difficult to lie down for several days due to bruising.  Earlier, the canine has also been set on fire while on duty, helped catch robbers and even starred in children’s book ‘Theo and the Mystery Muffin Thief’, penned by PC Greaves.

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Unfortunately, the suspect in the video has since been charged with a public order offence, but was not charged for attacking Theo.  Greaves said the incident underlines the need for a law to recognise working animals injured while on duty.

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