You think Apple is just a fruit? These 10 signs show that you are technologically challenged

Technology has made our lives simple. But let's be honest, it's not everyone can use these gizmos with easy. Here are 10 signs to see if you are technologically challenged

Technology is a wonderful thing. It has revolutionised the way we live our lives. On one hand, it has reduced the physical distance between places, on the other, it has even shortened the distance between hearts. Obviously, we are talking about smartphones and Skype. It has not only given us means to prepare mouth watering dishes with considerably fewer efforts (remember microwave ovens?) but also gadgets that keep us entertained all the time (laptops, play stations).

But let’s be honest, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone can handle those ‘hi-tech’ gadgets that need timely updates and high doses of anti-virus software to flush the malware out of their systems. And sometimes, even the best of us can get confused and lose track of how to handle these gizmos that have made our lives so simple.

Worry not, dear friends, if you too are struggling to understand if the technology is getting too advanced for you or if you are technologically challenged, here are 10 sign that will help you pick your side (it’s ok, we won’t tell anyone!):

1. Switching your smartphone or laptop off and on is your only solution to every problem.

2. Top three numbers on your speed dial list are your techie friends.

3. Words like cache, operating system and processor are like a foreign language to you.

4. You get all worked up when a software you are installing gives you two options– standard or normal.

5. The only Apple you know is available in the grocery store.

6. When you e-mail someone and you call them to inform that you have emailed them.

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7. When someone asks which laptop you have and your only reply is black or silver.

8. When you get a high-end smartphone but you have no idea how it works.

9. When you feel embarrassed that your friends know more about your gadget than you do.

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10. The only cloud you know is from the sky.

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