'Yas', Oxford dictionary just made squad goals and sausage party official words!

Oxford has also added to the dictionary a word called 'craptacular'. Anybody knows what that means?

Not very long ago, the fairly revered Merriam-Webster dictionary included ‘shade’, ‘side-eye’ and ‘ghost’ to their dictionary as official words. They had the world in awe and everybody was just too taken aback at erstwhile slang turning into words. Now the king of dictionaries, the Oxford dictionary was not one to be left out of all these cool developments and has now come up with a few additions of the sort to their own dictionary.

The Oxford dictionary just added ‘drunk text’, ‘cat lady’, ‘Kodak moment’, ‘yas’ and ‘squad goals’ to their list of words. Oh and also, ‘biatch’, yes the one with a weird pronounciation. They seem to be picking from ‘Mean Girls’ a lot that way. We had no idea Oxford dictionary felt such peer pressure to be cool though!

Among the more fathomable ones there is also ‘clicktivism’, which surely was the need of the hour. We all needed a word to sum up activities of all those on social media who are out to change the world with every click of their mouse. Then there is ‘herd mentality’. Nobody can disagree that should have been there already. Should have been there right since the time humanity started moving in herds towards all kinds of absolutely nonsensical opinion. There is also ‘otherize’ and ‘haterade’ which some say have come from the recent Presidential elections featuring none other than Donald Trump.

So ‘yas’, Oxford is not your normal dictionary anymore. They have joined the cool club and neither are we complaining, nor is Twitterati.

Umm, okay, It’s safe to say the language our kids speak will be a lot more undecipherable to us than ours as teenagers was to our parents. So, good luck with that to all us millenials!