These women's folk dance in metro is taking the internet by storm

While on board the Delhi Metro, these women shook a hip to some folk music and provided a treat for the eyes of bored passengers

Remember that time when youtuber Harsh Beniwal’s metro dance on Sia’s Cheap Thrills went viral? Well, he’s just been trumped by a bunch of women. During their journey on the Delhi Metro, a bunch of bindaas aunties started doing a folk dance as others sang songs.

Ritika Dahiya, who was on board the peppy train at the moment, managed to videograph the whole thing and shared it on Facebook. The video was uploaded two days ago and has since been viewed over 54,000 times.

What makes the dance even more amazing is the fact that these Haryanvi ladies were heading back to their homes after attending a relative’s funeral. They were celebraring her life and peaceful demise, according to Facebook user Ritika Dahiya. Watch the video of their amazing dance here:

Harsh Beniwal, a popular Indian vine video maker seems to have kick-started this trend. Earlier, he had posted a video oh him and one of his friends showing off some crazy moves to Sia’s music.