Woman records husband's snores and creates a hilarious Despacito remix

Despacito is a song the internet can’t get enough of. It is the only Spanish song to top the Billboard Hot 100 list since Macarena. We’ve seen violin versions, sitar versions, acapella versions and approximately 39839 parodies. There’s a new improved version of Despacito that is taking the internet by storm and this one is BY FAR the best (probably because this time you understand all the lyrics).

A woman, who has been documenting her husband’s snores since the last four years decided to take the clips and make a remix that is beyond awesome. Obviously, if you take the efforts to document your husband’s snores for four years, you might as well have a little fun with it.

The video shows her adorable husband displaying his enviable snoring skills as he sleeps on his bed, his chair, the dining hall and whilst eating dinner (relatability level infinity). The wife decided to remix this and upload it on social media and as all good things do, it went viral. The video has thousands of views and comments. While some are worried about the man’s snoring and that he might have severe sleep apnea, most are just bewildered by the fact that the man just sleeps everywhere.

Check out the video below:

We pretty much pick this over Daddy Yankee’s version just because we understand the lyrics and can lipsync to this perfectly.
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