Why is the Censor Board not clearing a feature film showing PM Narendra Modi in good light?

In a first, the Election Commission has been asked to clear the feature film based on Narendra Modi's development agenda.

Keeping up to their reputation of holding films back, the Censor Board has refused to clear the movie ‘Modi ka Gaon’ due for release on February 10. The upcoming elections have been cited as one of the reasons behind this decision. The movie plot is based on Modi’s development agenda, and is a medium-budget film.

Directors Tushar A Goel and Suresh Jha have accused the CBFC of discriminating against the movie. Suresh Jha told a media house that the censor board officials called and informed them the Censor Board finds the film objectionable on three counts. Jha further said that the stipulated conditions are so difficult to comply with that he might as well forget about releasing the film.

The Censor Board has reportedly asked Suresh Jha to get a clearance certificate from the Election Commission. Jha says this must be the first time that the EC has been asked to clear a film so that the CBFC can permit its release. Well, in all honesty that is a first of its kind case, isn’t it?

The CBFC has reportedly objected to Modi look-alike Vikas Mohante who plays the lead role in the feature film. The Censor Board is worried that Vikas being cast in the movie could stoke a fresh controversy, in all probability it would. The actor has already garnered a considerable amount of public attention and people have begun calling him ‘the Modi from Mumbai’. The CBFC has also raised an issue regarding a prominent side-character, ‘Pappu Bihari’, in the film, saying the name should be deleted from the entire film.

Jha defended his movie and emphasised that the feature film is not a biopic, and that he was even planning a mega-premiere with the Prime Minister himself present for the event. Apart from Mumbai businessman Mahante, television actors Chandramani M. and Zeba A have also been cast in the feature film. It has seven songs and the music is directed by Manojanand Choudhary. Watch the trailer here.

Whether or not the movie is able to secure a release remains to be seen but this time too the Censor Board’s refusal to release this movie has given it more popularity. All in all, if you ever make a movie do make sure it provokes the ire of the Censor Board.