What's with the mugshot craze? After 'Hot Felon', Internet now in love with 'Prison Bae'

This mug shot of a felon has earned him a modeling contract. Read on to find out how

Move over Jeremy Meeks, there’s a new ‘Hot Felon’ in town. Or so it is claimed by every second website in business. Mekhi Alante Lucky, a 20-year-old, who has over 25, 000 followers on Instagram went to jail and in doing so became famous. Because of his crime, you ask? Nope. Because of the Internet’s obsession with police mugshots. #WHYGUYS

Mekhi’s last offence got him arrested in April 2016 when he was caught for stealing a vehicle and speeding with it.

In the era of literally anything going viral and becoming the talk of the town, Mekhi becoming a trending topic makes sense. His ‘good looking’ mugshot has had many people going crazy. Society, you’re kinda weird.

But turns out Mekhi Alante Lucky’s last name is quite literally a description of his real life. The manager of St Claire Modeling, Demanti O’Bryant, found out that Mekhi has had the ‘luck’ to avoid jail time and has since then signed a contract with the agency. This is clearly an unexpected turn to his life and Mekhi needs to play this one out right.

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Mekhi who has a medical condition heterochromia, with one blue and one brown eye, he is all set to walk in the Fashion Week in New York this month.


Considering the internet is a place where objectification is a much appreciated time pass, Mekhi has been praised for his cheekbones that seem carefully chiseled and his physique. Mekhi went on record to The Sun that he would be bigger than Jeremy Meeks, the last felon who went viral for his mugshot. Jeremy, 32, who was arrested in a firearms charges case, shot to fame with his 2014 mugshot that had the internet label him as the World’s hottest felon.

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