'What's up' and 'WhatsApp' sound same to you? 10 signs that prove you are a tech addict

Is Google your version of a library? Are you the one who cannot live without your phone? Did you answer in negative to all these questions? Here are 10 signs to identify if you a tech addict

The world today is divided into two halves– the ones who don’t understand a thing about the modern marvels while the others who just cannot live without them. Technology is a wonderful thing. It has not only made our lives simple but made many ‘impossibles’ possible (who knew that man would one day walk on the moon, and now we are planning for space tourism!).

The times are such that owning a smartphone and a laptop have become a necessity than a luxury. While some of us still trying to keep up with the pace of the changing technology, there are others, who can’t get enough of it. Yes, we’re talking about those few creatures living in your vicinity, for whom Google is the only library they need and happiness comes packed in a box full of DVDs that they ordered online.

If you happen to know a friend who lives next door and yet people have no clue where he is, you have met the rare species of tech addict human. Here are 10 signs that will help you identify a tech addict:

1. When your friend’s say ‘what’s up’ and you check your WhatsApp messengers.

2. When someone says let’s get sunglasses are you’re like ‘let’s buy Snapchat Spectacles’

3. You hear your imaginary notifications.

4. No Wi-Fi is the end of the world for you.

5. Your smartphone is your best friend.

6. Party for you is ordering food online.

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7. You have a back-up of everything.

8. You can’t go to sleep without checking your social media account.

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9. Your smartphone is the first thing you say hello to in the morning.

10. You get a panic attack if you can’t find your phone.

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