What if Virat Anushka don't get married after all? Here are 5 other things they can do

Just in case Virat and Anuska don't get married, we've got them covered!

While the nation is going crazy over the whole OMG-Virushka-is-getting-hitched news, we’d like to remind you that it’s just a speculation. Sources say they’re getting married. Erm, sources also said that the world is ending in 2012, so yeah, let’s not jump to conclusions.

We know that a lot of you Virat Anushka fans will be heartbroken if they don’t actually get married. We feel you and to make sure that your Virushka spirit doesn’t die out so soon, we’ve made a list of 5 super cools things they can do in case the wedding rumours turn out to be false:

Get a dog together

Imagine if they named their dog Virushka? Cuteness level infinity you gaiz!


Go on an Insta-perfect vacation

Yes, we’d rather have beautiful wedding pictures, but in case they don’t get married, we’ll make do with some instagrammable vacation pictures.


Legit just make their own movie

Anushka has a production house and Virat can give any Bollywood actor a run for his money. HINT HINT. We’re coming at you, 100 crore club.


Get matching tattoos

This would be the coolest thing ever! #MakeCoupleTattoosCoolAgain


Launch a fashion label together

Both of them are established fashionistas with their own labels in the market- why not just launch a label together. Label Virushka? Take my money!