We're all guilty of having dozed off at events, so please leave Manohar Parrikar alone now

Attacking Parrikar or any minister for dozing off at an event, is a very undignified attempt at being critical of them and gaining publicity out of it.

Our 68th Republic Day saw several different spectacular events and speeches and almost anything could have caught our attention and stayed with us even after the event. Nothing else did though, apart from Manohar Parrikar dozing off on his front row seat.

We have had a penchant for picking on politicians and ministers for dozing off. Taking ministers and leaders down for issues we feel strongly about or stupid statements they pass is welcome, to take them down for dozing off at events is just a lowly attempt at publicity. In all honesty, how does it even matter if Parrikar or somebody else slept off at a event? Those slamming him say he disrespected the defence forces this way because he did this in spite of being the defence minister. Probably they mean if some other minister slept off at the same event, it would not be that big a deal. Or probably they would still make it a big deal for lack of anything better to hold against the said minister.

Not to say that Parrikar sleeping off was the most brilliant thing to do at a Republic Day function, but there are bigger issues we can target ministers for. If one is that desperate to get onto Parrikar’s case, it’s always a better option to dig out multi-million dollar scams they have been a part of or better still find out if they ever run someone over with their car. If therein, they pulled off a Salman Khan on the system, take them down with all you have. Dozing off is barely a crime.

We have a very popular school of thought which says, one can choose whether or not they would stand up to the national anthem and even if they choose not to there is no disrespect to the nation involved in there. Well then, how is dozing off a disrespect to the nation or its armed forces or God or anything else under the sun?

We are all guilty of having slept off at lectures, in pujas, and several other important events and have managed to escape any accusations of disrespecting anyone. So on that note, let him be. Sleep and let sleep, peace out.