Watch: Would it be pretty if our parents lived their lives out on social media just like us?

In a very witty role-reversal, this video starring Rajat Kapoor and Sheeba Chaddha tells us how ridiculous we look with all our social media madness.

We are a technology and social media obsessed generation. So much so that if the building we are in caught fire, chances are we’d pose with the fire raging in the background and have it all over Facebook and Instagram complete with hashtags that make it even more ridiculous. The generation with phones that are smarter than the people has now earned themselves a parody of our lives and it’s on point.

The folks at FilterCopy in a very smart role-reversal based video told us how life would be if our parents behaved the same way as we do with social media. Needless to say, some of us might actually have some older relatives or even parents who are on the road to social-media obsession. This video however does a brilliant job of telling us how downright ridiculous we are with our urge to put up every detail of our lives on social media.

It also takes a dig at how social media has messed big time with our language and brought into regular usage words that barely qualify as language. What with Webster giving official recognition to ‘shade’ in its very snarky, shady meaning!

Walking in home from late night parties, having absolutely nonsensical repartee ready for why we did not answer concerned calls to just going off to our room while the parents sit around hurt, this video encompasses all our bull-crap and is sure worth a watch. God forbid, if this ever comes true we should know FilterCopy warned us!