Watch: What would you do if a heartbroken friend planned an acid attack? Let this short film tell you

If in the unfortunate scenario that you do get approached by the jilted lover of a friend planning an acid attack, this is how you deal with it.

Acid attacks have plagued women all over the world for a long while now and the number of such incidents in India have been on a rise in the past decade. Jilted lovers who suddenly decide on a ‘if she can’t be mine, she shall be nobody else’s’ stance, take to either stabbing their love interests to death or disfiguring them for life with a bottle of acid.

A bottle of acid is available at most shops across the country at very low prices. The damage it causes to their victims, however, has at times even cost victims their lives or a painful sub-standard life at best. According to ASFI statistics, 225 cases of acid attacks were reported in India in the year 2014, which is a steep rise from 106 in 2012 and 106 in 2013. The numbers went up to a 248 in 2015, again quite a steep rise.

Not to pit one crime against another since a crime is a crime, acid attacks maim people for life and the pain the victim goes through is unimaginable. This short film by Purani Dilli Talkies brings this topic up and shows us how we must react if ever approached by a friend who decides to ruin a woman’s life simply because she turned down his proposal. The film traces two close friends in conversation over alcohol when one of them expresses frustration about a woman who has rejected his romantic advances.

Now, though every man has the right to approach a woman he falls for, she is under no obligation to settle for him. This is exactly what the friend explains to his mate who is hell-bent on an acid attack for the lady in question. The conversation that follows has us smiling and feeling proud of the saner friend.

The barely seven-minute long short film tells us how not just the attackers but even those who help are equally at fault. Watch and learn.