Watch: We now know what happens when an atheist smokes weed with a Catholic priest and a Rabbi

Here's presenting three men and a bong, and the rabbi ain't sharing his weed!

What would it look like if a rabbi, a priest and an atheist were to share a bong and weed worked its magic? If this sounds like something our wild imagination has cooked up, we assure you that’s not the case. This happened for real and has been made into a video which is now going viral for obvious reasons.

Produced by a channel named ‘Cut’ in Washington State this is part of a series named ‘Strange Buds’ and has over half a million views already. While recreational marijuana is legal in Washington, the unconventional combo sharing it makes this a brilliant video. The rabi is named Jim Mirel and is a Rabbi Emeritus at Temple B’nai Torah in Bellevue, while the priest Reverend Chris Schuller has been the rector at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church in St. Petersburg, Florida. Reverend also made news for posting a pro-marijuana video.

The atheist, Carlos, introduces himself as a ‘conservative homosexual’, and yes he has our attention with that. At the beginning, the priest makes it clear how he has not much experience with weed and Carlos is more than happy to show him around. The rabbi says nothing apart from not handing his joint over to anyone and repeatedly asking Carlos to light it up. Sounds fun isn’t it? We guarantee you it is fun.

The chat soon gets spiritual and interestingly both the religious men are absolutely non-judgmental towards Carlos and are open to discussion. Carlos is told by the priest that God is in everything we believe to be true given the fact that we do not know everything. The rabi cannot get his mind off the marijuana and goes on to say if weed makes one a better person then why not smoke it. He also goes on to give out some trivia about the mention of ‘mind-altering substances’ in religious books. All the religious preachers out there, we hope you are listening in.

Nobody thought this video would turn out to be as amazing as it did. We shall now refrain from giving it all out to you and will leave you to watch it. Do tell us how much fun you had watching these three.