Watch: We all love our dogs, but would you jump into thin ice to save yours? This Canadian man did

Dogs have every bit of our heart, but Duncan's chattering teeth are proof to why this is not a good idea.

Each one of us who has ever had a dog would agree to how we love them more than anything else in this world and know that they would any day take a bullet for us. Tales of how dogs go out on a limb to protect their master are all over the place, but do their humans love them enough to reciprocate the same?

This Canadian man sure does. When his dog was on a walk in the off-leash park in St. Albert, by some stroke of fate the pooch slipped and fell right through the thin ice. Yes, we know dogs are born swimmers but as Cosmo’s owner tells us,he does not do a good job of it. So what his owner Duncan Maclver did is jumped right after his four-legged companion as part of whatever rescue tactic struck him amidst all that panic.

Angela Jung from CTV was there as part of a discussion regarding the increasing number of thin-ice related accidents and how St. Albert Fire has been dealing with an increase in cases. This incident was caught on camera and Jung spoke to Duncan soon after he was out of the icy pond with Cosmo and the dog-owner wasted no time in saying that anybody would have done the exact same thing for their dog. Well, yes dogs can make their humans do such things.

Shivering while talking to Jung, Duncan was clearly chilled to the bone but confessed to having no regrets. He did however make it very clear that he will not recommend a similar move to anyone. If you’re in two minds about whether or not this is a challenge we humans should throw to fate, here’s Angela Jung with a word of advice.

Understandably when our four-legged companions are in danger reason rarely ever dawns upon us, but maybe calling those trained to handle such matters rather than taking it in our own hands is the smarter thing to do. Nonetheless, kudos to Duncan for loving Cosmo so much!