Watch: Want to save the girl child? It all begins by 'saving' the boy child

Save the boy child before it is too late and see how women get safer in no time.

All over the world, violence against women is an issue. There is sexual violence, physical violence and violence at a mental level and it is only by some stroke of fate that no other kind of violence has yet been devised, else it would too have been inflicted upon women. So, we are basically swiftly moving towards a no-world-for-women scenario. So maybe it is time we save the boy child.

One in every three women face sexual or physical violence at the hands of an intimate partner and this is often a man they live with and are in love with. The stats we know, but did you ever think that all this could stop if we saved the men instead of saving the women? Maybe, we are approaching the problem from an angle which will never serve any purpose. No man is a rapist, molester or capable of inflicting domestic violence and hence it is important to figure out what makes them into people capable of such nastiness. This is the exact question a video by ad-man Keegan Pinto is raising.

The ad stars little boys asking you to save them from being rapists, molesters, eve-teasers or just about any kind of men who can make life difficult for women for non reason at all. Pinto captioned the video, “Our latest work, a genuine heartfelt message. Probably the only real solution to the problem. This is the new FCB which stands for ‘Finally Change Begins”, and it already has 6.4 k views.

The approach this ad takes towards resolving the issue of violence against women is in fact one we should have taken long back. Every time a woman gets raped, women are asked to stay home which is a laugh in logic’s face if you come to think about it. It is not women who are raping other women, what purpose does locking them in serve then? If someone attempted murder would you lock the injured victim in a safe place? So, save the boy child before it is too late.