Watch: Viral video teaches you a cool magic trick, and helps score relationship brownie points

The easiest magic trick and the cutest couple all rolled into one video.

In today’s non-conformist relationship goals video, we bring to you this fun couple whose magic trick will make you laugh out loud. The video, starring an old couple, is one of the most amusing ones we’ve come across in a long while.  It starts off with the lady bailing her husband in for a ‘magic trick’ she has been meaning to show him, and he unwittingly falls for his wife’s convincing tone. She promises to have the penny inside the bottle after covering it with a towel.

A few absolutely nonsensical magic spells later comes the real fun part and we assure you it will have you laughing out loud. Bringing out the inner child in this old couple, this video is sure to tell you how important it is for relationship goals to be centred around being good friends more than anything else.

This couple, which belongs to the generation that is truly the epitome of all things cute, has all the makings of a viral sensation.

Not only can one successfully pull this off on one’s spouse, this ‘trick’ works just as well on friends. Believe us when we say it: it is a very easy magic trick to pull off. With over 6 lakh views and shared by JukinVideo on Facebook, this video is winning the internet and deserves to occupy viral space. Without much ado, watch the video to learn the easiest magic trick available.