Watch: Vir Das just made America LOL hard with his 'Indian accent' and Donald Trump jokes

Vir Das has secured himself screen-time on American late-night TV, officially.

Hardly any time has passed since the release of ‘Vir Das: Abroad Understanding’, which happens to be the first Indian-produced Netflix original, went live. And, the comedian is back with another spot he has carved for himself.

Vir Das has once again proven his prowess and has made it to the Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Shared on the Facebook page of ‘Conan O’Brien Presents: Team Coco’, the video shows Vir Das in all his talented glory while he takes on everything from Donald Trump to Indian men and just India in general, in fact. He has the crowd doubling up in laughter from the moment he asks, “Have you guys ever been to India? If you haven’t you must go, because your jobs have”.

In typical Vir Das fashion the comedian touches upon a variety topics and uses his wit to make it through his allotted time succesfully. Of course, the very fact that a comedian from our country makes us happy, but what makes us happier is that Das never fails to prove his mettle. Don’t believe us, here’s Twitter proving to you just how hilarious he was.

The video has over 532k views already and is surely worth a watch.