Watch: 'Tu jaanta nahin mera baap kaun hai' is old news. Hilarious video shows types of fights in India

India is a diverse land, how could our brawls lack diversity then?

Indians are known to be slightly hot-headed, what else would you expect with all the heat given our location in the sub-tropics? When summer hits home and the mercury soars, brawls are not an uncommon sight. Brawls in India, more often than not, serve several purposes apart from resolving the issue and we could agree on how they are also sometimes a source of entertainment.

This is exactly what ‘Jordindian’ concentrated on in their latest video and the product is downright hilarious. At some point in time, each one of us must have joked about how every brawl gives birth to several different kinds of fighters. There is always that one ‘haath mat lagaana nahin toh’ fight in which neither move a muscle and simply stand around threatening each other.

Our love for diversity spills over to brawls, hence we’ve got several kinds of brawls as well. The video has garnered 195k views and also intends to send a ‘special shoutout to all the engineers out there’. From B-grade movie inspired fight scenes to the one where both sides break into a bhangra with their shield and sword aboard, the video’s got it all.

If in case you missed their ‘Fast & Furious spoof, this video on kinds of fights will have you in splits. We must not give out any more details about what the video entails and shall now leave you to watch it and double over in laughter. Also, think there are several more kinds of fights? Let us know in the comments.